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Recognition and awards

The Université de Montréal brings together dedicated, creative and inspiring professors and researchers. Every year, they receive recognition and awards for their work. These prizes truly highlight the merit and excellence of research at Université de Montréal by honouring a lifetime devoted to teaching and researching, or inspiring young talent.

Committee for Recognition and Awards


The Committee for Recognition and Awards, founded in 1987, is subject to the Vice-Rectorate of Research, Discovery, Creation and Innovation. The Committee is responsible for the development and support of applications for awards, grants and other honours. It maintains a comprehensive survey of the awards for which members of the academic community might be eligible, and handles the diffusion of any relevant information. The Committee is assisted by faculty recognition and awards committees, which are responsible for selecting candidates and preparing their application.

Contact person

Pascale Ouellet

Vice-Rector Assistant

Tél. 514.343.6122

Portraits of laureates

Paul Khairy

Professeur titulaire, Faculté de médecine - Département de médecine

Dr Paul Khairy, titulaire d'une Chaire de recherche de l'Université de Montréal (2015-2018), fait de l’arythmie sa spécialité. On appelle arythmie toute anomalie de la fréquence ou du rythme cardiaque. L'objectif de sa Chaire vise à étudier l’arythmie chez les adultes atteints d’une maladie cardiaque congénitale.

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