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A microbiologist at UdeM helps discover a novel mode of action found in two new antibiotics that adversely affects the ability of bacteria to...
HIV antibody therapy is associated with enhanced immune responses in infected individuals, an international research team finds.
The virus you were exposed to as a young child determines how well you fight the flu for the rest of your life, Canadian researchers find.
In the human body, cells shield themselves from disease-causing microbes by scrambling their lipids into liquids, according to new research by an...
Algorithms based on artificial intelligence do better at supporting educational and clinical decision-making, according to a new study.
Single parents are less likely to ban cigarette smoking and keep the home smoke-free than two-parent families, a public-health survey finds.
A research team at CHU Sainte-Justine sheds light on the mechanisms underlying chronic granulomatous, a disease linked to severe infections.
UdeM anthropologist Isabelle Ribot and an international research team look at the first ancient DNA recovered from West Africa to shed light on the...
Research on a new technique by UdeM veterinarians that measures pain in cats by their facial expressions is detailed in the Nature journal Scientific...
Sugar maples won’t be heading north anytime soon, despite climate change, according to a new study published in the Journal of Ecology.


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