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Sciences sociales et humaines

Clifford Shearing

Professeur associé

Faculté des arts et des sciences - École de criminologie


Expertise de recherche

Shearing leads the Global Risk Governance Programme, Law Faculty, University of Cape Town and co-leads the New Securities Programme, Griffith Institute of Criminology. A focus of his academic work has been on broadening boundaries of criminology, with a primary focus on 'security governance’. 

Affiliations et responsabilités

Enseignement et encadrement


Projets de recherche

2015 - 2017

Policing of / through flows: New perspectives

Chercheur principal : Massimiliano Mulone
Co-chercheurs : Samuel Tanner , Benoît Dupont , Karine Côté-Boucher , Anthony Amicelle , Clifford Shearing
Sources de financement : CRSH/Conseil de recherches en sciences humaines du Canada
Programmes de subvention : PV152160-Subvention Connexion


Publications et communications


Journal articles 

Shearing, C. 2015. Criminology and the Anthropocene. Criminology and Criminal Justice, 15(3): 255-269.

Stenning, P. and Shearing, C. 2015. Privatisation, Pluralisation and the Globalisation of Policing. Research Focus, 3(1):1-8.

Petersen, S., Shearing, C and Nel, D. 2015. Sustainability Transitions: An Investigation of the Conditions under Which Corporations are Likely To Reshape Their Practices to Reverse Environmental Degradation. Environmental Management and Sustainable Development, 4(1): 85-105.

Froestad, J., Grimwood, S., Herbstein, T. and Shearing, C. 2015. Policy Design and Nodal Governance: A Comparative Analysis of Determinants of Environmental Policy Change in a South African City. Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis: Research and Practice, 17(2): 174-191.

Van der Spuy, E. and Shearing, C. 2014. Curbing the Killing Fields: Making South Africa Safer. The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 652(1): 186-205.

Pasquini, L., Ziervogel, G., Cowling, R.M. and Shearing, C. 2014. What Enables Local Governments to Mainstream Climate Change Adaptation? Lessons Learned from Two Municipal Case Studies in the Western Cape, South Africa. Climate and Development [online]:

Pasquini, L. and Shearing, C. 2014. Municipalities, Politics, and Climate Change: An Example of the Process of Institutionalizing an Environmental Agenda within Local Government. Journal of Environment and Development, 23(2):271-296.

Van Steden, R., Wood, J., Shearing, C. and Boutellier, H. 2014. The Many Faces of Nodal Policing: Team Play and Improvisation in Dutch Community Safety. Security Journal [online]:

Book chapters

Berg, J. with Shearing, C. 2015. New Authorities: Relating State and Non-state Security Auspices in South African Improvement Districts. In: Kyed, H. and Albrecht, P. Eds. Policing and the Politics of Order-Making. Oxon: Routledge, 91- 107.

Van der Spuy, E. and Shearing, C. 2014. Curbing the Killing Fields: Making South Africa Safer. In: Rotberg, R. Ed. Governance and Innovation in Africa: South Africa after Mandela.Waterloo, ON: CIGI, 237-258.

Berg, J., Nakueira, S. and Shearing, C. 2014. Global Non- State Auspices of Security Governance. In: Bersot, H. and Ariigo, B. Eds. The Routledge Handbook of International Crime and Justice Studies. New York: Routledge, 77-97.


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