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Health Sciences; Medical Sciences

Marie-Josée Fleury

Santé publique: organisation des services, épidémiologie et études d'impact

Professeure associée

École de santé publique - Département de gestion, d’évaluation et de politique de santé

Secondary number: 514 761-6131 #4344 (Travail 1)
Secondary email: (Travail)


Research expertise

Public health (health service organization and epidemiology), and evaluation of services, particularly service integration and quality assessment, as well as change implementation, needs assessment, primary care services, service utilization, health systems analysis, performance indicators, and patient outcomes. Methods: quantitative (surveys, administrative databases, outcome studies), qualitative (case study designs, program evaluation), and mixed-method investigations, all involving close partnerships with clinicians and decision-makers. Main target groups: patients with both serious and common mental disorders, substance use disorders and co-occurring disorders; vulnerable populations such as the homeless; and health care practitioners (general practitioners, psychiatrists, multidisciplinary teams), managers and decision-makers. 

Summary of my research program and its impact, especially in the last five years: The overall objective of my research program is to contribute to knowledge on strategies for optimizing organization of the mental health system (including services for addiction and homelessness) in order to improve health system performance, and respond more effectively to patient needs. My original scholarly contributions have focused on three streams within this overall research program: First, I have conducted studies on healthcare organization for the purpose of assessing mental health care reforms related to primary care, community-based and emergency services, and collaborative care, as well as integrated service networks, and multidisciplinary team work. Second, I have spearheaded research projects in the areas of needs assessment and adequacy of care, including patient satisfaction studies, with particular focus on patient clinical profiles and related outcomes (e.g. recovery, quality of life). Third, I have conducted epidemiological studies on mental disorders using surveys and administrative databases, especially on patterns of healthcare utilization among individuals with mental health, addiction and co-occurring disorders. Over the years, I have received multiple grants (including salary awards as recently as July 2014) to support my research program. Results of this work have been published in numerous high-quality journals in my fields of investigation. I have also endeavored to maximize the impact and value of my work by disseminating it through other media, including provincial and national reviews, reports and books. Overall, my scholarly output reflects a balance between the need to maintain high academic standards at the international level, but also to insure that my research has an especially strong empirical impact within the Quebec community, in order to enhance the social relevance of my work.

Key words of research: Public health, evaluation of services, best practices implementation, needs assessment, service utilization, healthcare system analysis, performance indicators, and patient outcomes


Marie-Josée Fleury est professeure titulaire au Département de psychiatrie de l’Université McGill, professeure associée à l’École de Santé publique de l’Université de Montréal, et chercheuse au Douglas Institut universitaire en santé mentale. Elle a été l’experte-conseil en santé mentale en soutien à l’élaboration du Rapport d’appréciation de la performance de 2012 du Commissaire à la santé et au bien-être (gouvernement du Québec), et directrice scientifique de l’Institut universitaire sur les dépendances de 2012 à 2016. Ses recherches visent à mieux comprendre les composantes clés de l’amélioration des services à répondre aux besoins des usagers ayant des troubles mentaux, des dépendances et des troubles concomitants ainsi que ceux en situation d’itinérance. Ses axes de recherche couvrent l'analyse des réformes, l’évaluation et l’utilisation des services, l’épidémiologie psychiatrique ainsi que les études de besoin et d’impact sur la clientèle. Elle dirige plusieurs projets de recherche, et compte plus de 300 publications et tout autant de présentations scientifiques.

Affiliations and responsabilities

Research affiliations

  • Chercheuse, Douglas Institut universitaire en santé mentale
  • Chercheuse, Institut universitaire sur les dépendances
  • Chercheuse, RISQ (Recherche et intervention sur les substances psychoactives)
  • FRQS (réseaux de recherche): 1) Réseau québécois sur les troubles de l’humeur, suicide et comorbidités (RQHSC); 2) Réseau-1 (Réseau de connaissances en services et soins de santé intégrés de première ligne); 3) Réseau de recherche en santé des populations (RRSPQ), Regroupement stratégique en santé mentale

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Student supervision

Post-doctoral Supervision


Theses and dissertation supervision (Papyrus Institutional Repository)

Theses and dissertation supervision


Directed Studies


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Research projects

2021 - 2024

Trajectoires de soins, profils et résultats de santé des clientèles avec des troubles mentaux

2021 - 2024

Grands utilisateurs des urgences pour raison de santé mentale

Lead researcher : Marie-Josée Fleury
2020 - 2024

Impact de différents modèles de logements permanents avec soutien sur l’intégration sociale et la qualité de vie des personnes en situation d’itinérance

Lead researcher : Marie-Josée Fleury
2020 - 2024

Déterminants des troubles liés aux substances (TLS) et troubles mentaux (TM), utilisation et qualité des services de santé

Lead researcher : Marie-Josée Fleury
2018 - 2024

Soins partagés et qualité des soins en santé mentale de première ligne

Lead researcher : Marie-Josée Fleury
2019 - 2021

Exploitation de SIC-SRD et RAMQ – Quebec database on Addiction and co-morbidity (2008-2016)

Lead researcher : Marie-Josée Fleury


Publications and presentations



M.-J Fleury, Z. Cao, G. Grenier, C, Huỳnh (2022). Predictors of death by physical illnesses or accidental/intentional causes among patient with substance-related disorders, Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 1-5.

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Gabet, M*., M.-J. Fleury (2022). Innovations organisationnelles aux urgences pour améliorer la qualité des soins dispensés aux patients souffrant de troubles mentaux : perspectives internationales, Journal de Gestion et d’Économie de la Santé, 40(2): 10-25.

M.-J. Fleury, L. Gentil*, G. Grenier, E. Rahme (2022). The impact of 90-day physician follow-up care on the risk of readmission following a psychiatric hospitalization, APMH, 1-13.

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