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The team of Vice-Rectorate

Marie-Josée Hébert

Vice-Rector of Research, Discovery, Creation and Innovation
Laurent Lewis

Laurent Lewis

Associate Vice-Rector (nature and technology)

Anne Marchand

Associate Vice-Rector (society and culture)

Daniel Lajeunesse

Adjunct Vice-Rector and Executive Director of the Office of Research Services and Development
Julie Carrier, Vice-rectrice associée à la recherche et aux études

Julie Carrier

Associate Vice-Rector of Research and Studies (Development of research and teaching activities in neuroscience, neurocognition, mental health, rehabilitation and aging)
Sébastien Roy, Vice-recteur associé à la recherche et aux études

Sébastien Roy

Associate Vice-Rector of Research and Studies (Academic development and institutional transformation)

Isabelle Bayard
Vice-rector Assistant

isabelle.bayard@umontreal.ca514 343-6323
Nancy Dion
Executive Assistant
514 343-7270
Karine Martinez
Coordinator, Internal Links
karine.martinez@umontreal.ca514 343-6111,
p. 28515
Émeline Nozières
Executive Assistant
emeline.nozieres@umontreal.ca514 343-6111, p. 3610

Pascale Ouellet
Vice-rector Assistant

pascale.ouellet@umontreal.ca514 343-6122

Contact information of the Vice-Rectorate of Research

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