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The team of Vice-Rectorate

Marie-Josée Hébert

Vice-Rector of Research, Discovery, Creation and Innovation
Yves Joanette, Vice-recteur adjoint à la recherche

Yves Joanette

Assistant Vice-Rector of Research

  • Institutional structuring projects

    • Quebec Innovation zone (Health; Transportation; Agrohealth; Cybersecurity)
    • Bio-innovation
    • CIMIL Innovation Center

  • Digital strategy for research and training

    • Policy development on management of research data; links to training
    • Working group «Réflexes numériques»
    • Links with Mila, IVADO, Digital Health Consortium

  • Innovation Lab : Life rethought

    • Neuroscience and Mental Health Cluster

  • Institutional compliance in research
  • In partnership with the Office of Research, Development and Valorisation (BRDV), providing our research community with better tools and contributing to the success of institutional applications (Canada Research Chairs; other subsidised chairs; Canada Foundation for Innovation; etc.)
  • In partnership with the Office for Responsible Conduct in Research (BCRR), developing a culture of responsible conduct at all stages of the training and research
  • In partnership with the Vice-Rectorate for Administration and Finance, ensuring the compliance of infrastructures to meet the best animal welfare requirements
  • Advance the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion research action plan in our community
  • Represent the Research perspective on the COVID-19 Operations Committee
  • Institutional representative at CIHR
Luc Stafford - Special advisor to the Vice-Rector of Research, Discovery, Creation and Innovation

Luc Stafford

Special advisor to the Vice-Rector of Research, Discovery, Creation and Innovation
  • Innovation Lab : Building a sustainable future (CLAD)
  • Nature and technology
  • Institutional representative for numerous entities, including: NSERC, Calcul Québec, TRIUMF, NanoCanada.
Franck Scherrer, Vice-recteur associé

Franck Scherrer

Associate Vice-Rector
  • Innovation Lab : Understanding and creating, creating to understand
  • Chemins de transition
  • Humanities and social sciences, arts and letters
  • Institutional representative at SSHRC and the Federation of Humanities and Social Sciences


Isabelle Bayard
Executive Director of the Office of Research Services and Development

Manon Boiteux
Project coordinator
manon.boiteux@umontreal.ca514-343-6111, p. 83267
Joëlle Chevrier
Executive Assistant 514-343-6111, p. 3610
Laëtitia Crémona
Vice-rector Assistant 514-343-6323
Nancy Dion
Executive Assistant
514 343-7270

Richard Dumont
Special Advisor

richard.dumont@umontreal.ca514-343-6111, p. 3610
Karine Martinez
Coordinator, Internal Links
karine.martinez@umontreal.ca514 343-6111, p. 28515

Pascale Ouellet
Vice-rector Assistant

pascale.ouellet@umontreal.ca514 343-6122
Chantale Simard
Projects Coordinator
chantale.simard@umontreal.ca514 343-6111, p. 44654

Contact information of the Vice-Rectorate of Research

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