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Law; Information and Communication Technologies; Social Sciences and Humanities

Chaire L.R. Wilson sur le droit des technologies de l'information et du commerce électronique

Chaire de recherche philanthropique Faculté de droit
Secondary number: 514 343-5080 (Information)
Secondary email: (Autre courriel)


Débat Éducation et infonuagique : la technologie et la loi

Colloque: communs hors du commun

Numérique + Santé

Numérique + Communication



Research units

  • Centre de recherche en droit public
  • Outils Pour l'Éducation Numérique à l'Université de Montréal


Location on the University campus

Pavillon Maximilien-Caron



At Université de Montreal


At Université de Montreal

Pierre Trudel (Chercheur associé)
Nicolas Vermeys (Chercheur associé)
Eloïse Gratton (Chercheur associé)

Support staff

  • Virginie Jetté - Coordonnatrice
  • Louise Lambert - Agente administrative


Comité de gestion

Comité scientifique



Expertise description

The L.R. Wilson Chair in Information Technology and E-Commerce Law studies how changes in the law and other norms can facilitate interactions in cyberspace. It seeks to better understand how existing laws and other standards of conduct adapt to and develop updated strategies to ensure the proper functioning of e-commerce activities and other online exchanges.

The mission of the Chair is to reinforce and consolidate its research capacities in the field of information technology and e-commerce law.

The Chair’s objectives are to:

  • Increase knowledge and understanding of factors that play a role in developing and declaring rules of conduct in cyberspace
  • Increase knowledge of legal rules implemented by individual States and by other bodies that develop rules of conduct
  • Increase expertise in contracts, intellectual property, human rights, and conflict prevention/resolution in virtual environments
  • Ensure a better understanding of the legal framework for e-commerce transactions and other online exchanges
  • Study the models for rules of conduct that are emerging from commercial practices and e-commerce transactions, and compare these practices in order to identify trends that may influence the development of winning strategies for the regulation of interactions in cyberspace

Contribute to the implementation of unique tools, such as mediation services or online arbitration, that have been adapted to the dynamics of cyberspace

Projects and funding

Publications and presentations



  • Law

Areas of expertise

  • Information technology law
  • Cyberspace law
  • Information and communications technology
  • Public law
  • Public international law
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Cyberjustice
  • Cyber-shopping
  • Contracts
  • Electronic contracts
  • Intellectual Property
  • Human rights
  • Conflict prevention and resolution
  • International business transactions
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration