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Chaire Jean-Louis Baudouin en droit civil

Chaire de recherche philanthropique Faculté de droit
Secondary numbers: 514 343-6111 #7677 (Information) 514 343-2199 (Télécopieur)
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Rémy Cabrillac - « Le Discours préliminaire de Portalis » - Chaire Jean-Louis Baudouin



At Université de Montreal


At Université de Montreal


Expertise description

The main objective of the Chair is to raise the profile of civil law at the Faculty of Law and thereby to promote the teaching of and research in civil law.  Interest income earned by the Trust sustains and promotes various objectives:

  • Arranging for Canadian or foreign civil law professors to visit the Faculty in the framework of teaching at the Master’s or Doctoral level, or organizing research activities that focus purely on civil law;
  • Enhancing the research activities of the Chair’s incumbent, especially through the employment of research assistants; and
  • Providing financial support for holding conferences, symposia, seminars or congresses on civil law topics.

The Chair’s secondary objective is to contribute to the education of the next generation of professors in civil law by awarding scholarships to doctoral students enrolled in civil law studies at the Université de Montréal.

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  • Civil Law