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Quebec's labour shortage is affecting compensation, bargaining strategies and union membership itself, according to Patrice Jalette, industrial...
Some children with autism may develop language skills independently of the joint attention skills usually associated with language learning.
The university signs on to the Brussels-based organization as Canada courts Horizon Europe, the EU's key funding program for research and innovation.
A Canadian research team shows for the first time that HIV reservoirs are concentrated in the spleen and lymph nodes, and that they can travel...
An innovative circular economy project led by two Quebec researchers receives $6.5 million from the Government of Canada and several partners.
The magnitude of methane uptake in upland "sinks" may be larger than previously thought, and may increase under dry conditions, an UdeM-led study...
The Canada Foundation for Innovation has announced nearly $8.1 million in funding for research equipment and infrastructure for 16 projects led by...
UdeM has been awarded 19 Canada Research Chairs, including 7 new ones, testifying to the University’s excellence in a range of fields.
A team of Montreal scientists identifies an important new mechanism that's key to helping humans see in 3D.
Université de Montréal scientists recreate and compare molecular languages at the origin of life – opening new doors for the development of novel...


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