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Getting a jump on a low-income child’s education can have a positive effect on social behavior even 40 years later, researchers find.
An international study led by Montreal researchers finds better ways to improve the chances of survival of children with a rare immune deficiency.
A new Canadian study shows that deprescribing risky medications for seniors is more successful if pharmacists take a pro-active role.
An international team led by Montreal researchers discovers two proteins essential to the development of skeletal muscle.
With their new finding, UdeM scientists urge revision of decades-old dogma on protein synthesis.
Improved communication skills may be linked to increased connectivity between auditory and motor regions of the brain, researchers at UdeM and McGill University find.
A new analysis co-authored by UdeM’s Vincent Larivière finds that only two-thirds of studies in this country are freely accessible.
A new study by researchers in Montreal and Boston looks at the role that pain plays in osteoarthritis, a disease that affects over 300 million adults worldwide.
Scientists from UdeM and University of Windsor have discovered a neural pathway that links olfaction to locomotion in fish.
Scientists make breakthrough in the fight against a disease which, in just 10 years, has grown from affecting one in 10 Canadians to one in four.


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