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Health Sciences; Administration and Management Sciences

Chaire de recherche du Canada sur les clés de la transformation lors des réformes et des processus d’amélioration du système de santé

Chaire de recherche du Canada École de santé publique
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About us

Governments have adopted various approaches to transform and improve health systems, providing a natural laboratory to study reforms. Our research program aims to understand how different strategies mobilize capacities for improvement, and identify factors that limit their impact. We look at experience in Canadian provinces and comparable health systems internationally to explore more and less destabilizing approaches, from massive reorganizations, to reforms focused on collaborative quality improvement, to the creation of clinician-led networks and strategies to increase accountability. The particular roles played by academic health centers and improvement agencies are examined to better understand how they facilitate health system transformation.


Research units

  • Centre de recherche du Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal

Partner organizations

  • Hub Santé – politique, organisations et droit (H-POD)



At Université de Montreal


Projects and funding

Publications and presentations


  • Health Administration
  • Public Health

Areas of expertise

  • Healthcare/Health care systems
  • Health systems analysis
  • Health care/Healthcare reform
  • Quality management
  • Integrated services networks
  • Healthcare/Health care organization
  • Health services evaluation