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Cardiovascular precision medecine

Médecine de précision cardiovasculaireThe SMART-data initiative represents an extraordinary opportunity for the Université de Montréal (UdeM) and its affiliated research institutes and hospitals to capitalize on massive strategic investments in cutting-edge interdisciplinary research leading to the present precision medicine project. The project, which is an integral part of UdeM strategic priority “From Data do Action In Health”, aims to realize a true paradigm change in cardiovascular precision medicine through data science. With IVADO, UdeM has positioned itself as a leader in big data amongst a small group of trailblazing academic institutions around the world and is now committed to a concerted long-term strategy to apply data science expertise to health and life sciences research. Building on massive investment ($130M) from the Canada First Excellence Research Fund in data science research and its applications to various areas including health, SMART-data will leverage UdeM’s critical mass of talent and multidisciplinary and complementary expertise, cutting-edge infrastructure, quality “–omics” assets, and previous breakthrough discoveries to fundamentally redefine how cardiovascular research is conducted and to translate this effort in clinical practice. Through SMART-data’s Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning-driven innovation ecosystem, this initiative will lead the development and implementation of novel innovation pathways in cardiovascular diagnostic and treatment.

Research Units in Cardiovascular precision medecine

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