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Work in the Digital Age

Travail à l'ère numériqueDigital technology is radically changing the world of work. It has created jobs that did not exist a few years ago, while causing once secure occupations and professions to disappear. It is making some classes of workers more productive, while threatening the livelihoods of many others. It is making organizations more innovative and productive while accentuating economic inequality. Although the rapid development of advanced information and communications technologies (ICTs) is opening up promising avenues, it is also creating significant social tensions. In order to respond effectively to the challenges that these major changes are creating for individuals, organizations and society, the Université de Montréal (UdeM) builds on demonstrated strengths in the areas of work, digital technology, law, education and cybersecurity. Well-established research centres, including the CRIMT (Globalization and Work), the RDCG (Law, Change and Governance), the ICCC (Comparative Criminology) and the CRIFPE (Education), bring together experts from various sectors of the Humanities and Social Sciences to respond to the needs of businesses and society. With the creation of IVADO (Institute for Data Valorization) and the development of MILA (Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms), UdeM is recognized worldwide for the development of artificial intelligence and big data mining. UdeM can take advantage of this dynamic intersectoral ecosystem to provide actors in the world of work with insights to anticipate future technological advances and contribute, through the development of major research projects, to build a more innovative, more secure and fairer Canada.

Research Units in Work in the Digital Age

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