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Centre collaborateur de l'Organisation mondiale de la santé sur la transition nutritionnelle et le développement/The WHO-Collaborating Centre on Nutrition Changes and Development

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About us

The TRANSNUT research group was created by Professor Hélène Delisle and colleagues in 2000 to study the phenomenon of the nutrition transition in developing countries. In 2003, the Nutrition Department of the Faculty of Medicine of the Université de Montréal, represented by TRANSNUT, became a World Health Organization Collaborating Centre.

TRANSNUT studies nutritional transition and chronic diseases, which are increasing rapidly worldwide, as well as their nutritional correlates, at the local, national and international levels in vulnerable populations.

It also serves as a training environment, hosting graduate students in nutrition and related disciplines whose research projects focus on the nutrition transition. As such, TRANSNUT aims to provide essential expertise to study, understand and solve problems related tothe nutrition transition and its effects on the prevalence of chronic disease in Canada and around the world.

The overall objectives of TRANSNUT

Promote research, education and surveillance on issues related to the nutrition transition.
To continue research, consultation and development of interventions to better understand and manage issues related to the nutrition transition and associated chronic disease.
Ensure knowledge transfer of systemic and individual issues in nutrition management to prevent chronic diseases related to the nutrition transition.

The specific objectives of TRANSNUT

Study and understand the role of food systems, including government policies and market innovations, in the nutrition transition and the prevalence of chronic disease.
Study and understand the association between food systems, including their socio-political and economic correlates, and food security among vulnerable populations in Canada, the Americas and the world.

Other specific objectives will be defined according to the fields of interest and expertise of the partners.


Location on the University campus

Pavillon Liliane de Stewart



At Université de Montreal

Support staff

  • Stéphane Decelles - Coordonnateur
  • Amy Ing - Agente de recherche
  • Stéphanie Auguste - Agente de recherche


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