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Law; Health Sciences; Social Sciences and Humanities

Chaire de recherche du Canada sur la culture collaborative en droit et politiques de la santé

Chaire de recherche du Canada Faculté de droit
Secondary number: 514 916-9107 (Information)
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Portrait de la titulaire : Catherine Régis

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Research units

  • Centre de recherche en droit public

Partner organizations

  • Hub Santé – politique, organisations et droit (H-POD)


Location on the University campus

Pavillon Maximilien-Caron



At Université de Montreal


At Université de Montreal

Karim Benyekhlef (Chercheur associé)
Marie-Pascale Pomey (Chercheur associé)
Vincent Gautrais (Chercheur associé)
Ghislaine Cleret De Langavant (Chercheur associé)
Michelle Stanton-Jean (Chercheur associé)
Laurence Largenté (Chercheur étudiant)

Support staff

  • Safa Hammoud - Responsable des communications


Expertise description

The general objective of the Canada Research Chair in Collaborative Culture in Health and Law Policy is to attain an improved understanding of and to create a model of the collaborative challenges in health care systems: an issue that has concrete and significant implications for the viability of such systems. The Chair’s foundational research component seeks a deeper understanding of the challenges and factors relating to collaboration in health care systems. Understanding such collaboration factors bears direct fruit in crafting public policies in that it enables a social regulation activity based on a more accurate analysis of factors that inhibit or favour desired collaborations in health care systems. The Chair’s applied research component incorporates the collaborative model derived from its foundational research component to a variety of specific projects, such as: emerging private-public partnerships for financing and supply of care and services; mechanisms for the prevention and regulation of disputes that should bolster collaborative governance; and interprofessional and institutional collaboration in the health care sector.

In addition to its scientific contributions, the Chair serves as springboard to communicate ideas, provoke debates and invite new collaborations.  The Chair presents a stimulating environment for the education of students and the training of postdoctoral researchers in health care law and policies and convenes stakeholders from the academic, professional, governmental, corporate and civil society spheres in the collaboration quest.

Projects and funding

Publications and presentations



  • Law
  • Political Science
  • Public Health
  • Communication

Areas of expertise

  • Collaboration (collaborative culture)
  • Organization of health care systems
  • Health Policies
  • Governance