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Chaire d’excellence en recherche du Canada sur les interactions lumière-matière dans les matériaux photoniques

Chaire de recherche du Canada Faculté des arts et des sciences
Département de physique
Secondary number: 514 343-6111 #48348 (Information)
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At Université de Montreal


Expertise description

Quantum photonics harnesses the unique properties of light in a precise quantum state for cutting-edge technologies like quantum computing, cryptography and teleportation. These applications involve generating, manipulating and detecting photons. Understanding how particles interact with their environment is vital to develop scalable quantum-photonics materials and determine the emitted light’s quantum state. The Canada Excellence Research Chair in Light-Matter Interactions in Photonic Materials aims to comprehend and control the quantum dynamics of light-induced excited states in condensed matter, influencing whether light emission occurs in a quantum or classical regime. Specifically, it will implement a two-fold approach. It will use laser bursts that are as short as a millionth of a billionth of a second to probe the way in which quantum information is lost by interactions between the light-prepared states and their environment. Secondly, it will implement light in a well-defined, so-called entangled quantum state, and the change of the quantum state of light as a result of light-matter interactions will be measured. These two parallel approaches will enable a complete comprehension of the quantum dynamics necessary for the development of quantum photonics technologies.

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  • Physics
  • Computer Science

Areas of expertise

  • Quantum mechanics
  • Interactions of particles and radiation with matter
  • Materials science
  • Laser-beam impact phenomena