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Social Sciences and Humanities; Life Sciences; Natural Sciences and Engineering

Iulia Bădescu

Professeure agrégée

Faculté des arts et des sciences - Département d'anthropologie

Pavillon Lionel-Groulx, room C-3022

514 343-7568



Ph.D. Biological Anthropology (2011 – 2017), Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto. Supervisor: Daniel Sellen

M.A. Anthropology (2009 – 2011), Primatology Concentration, Department of Anthropology, University of Calgary. Supervisor: Pascale Sicotte

B.Sc. Honours, First Class, Primatology (2005 – 2009), Department of Anthropology, University of Calgary, Canada.

Affiliations and responsabilities

Teaching and supervision

Student supervision

Theses and dissertation supervision (Papyrus Institutional Repository)

Theses and dissertation supervision

Étudiants diplômés

PhD (2 in progress): Marine Larrivaz and Florence Landry (started 2020)

MSc (5 graduated, 1 in progress): Kelly Desruelle (graduated 2020), Cassandra Curteanu (graduated 2021), Melila Bouarab and Charlotte St-Onge (graduated 2022), Lucile Dejeans (graduated 2022), Emilie Rich Forgues (started 2020)

Stages and Others

Anciens et actuels étudiants de premier cycle, projets indépendants

Université de Montréal: Médrick Heppell (2024, bio), Tara Khayer (2023, bio), Apolline Guillarme (2022, anthropo), Mathieu Gaudreault (2020, bio), Lisandre Robichaud (2020, bio), Pascale Godin (2020, anthropo), Marianne Laurin-Lalonde (2020, anthropo), Jessica Pitre (2020, bio), Emilie Rich Forgues (2020, anthropo), Maryane Gradito (2019, bio), Catherine Bouchard (2019, anthropo), Juliette Penez (2019, bio), Charlotte St-Onge (2019, anthropo), Melila Bouarab (2018, anthropo), Simon L'Allier (2018, anthropo)

Université Laval: Nadia Lemay (2018, environnement)

University of Toronto: Cassandra Curteanu (2018, anthro), Deandra Chipilliquen (2016, anthro)

University of Calgary: Katie Carmichael (2010, anthro)


Research projects

2023 - 2029

Influences and impacts of stacked investment in offspring by female primates

Lead researcher : Iulia Bădescu
Funding sources: CRSNG/Conseil de recherches en sciences naturelles et génie du Canada (CRSNG)
Grant programs: PVX20965-(RGP) Programme de subvention à la découverte individuelle ou de groupe
2020 - 2024

Les trajectoires alimentaires des nourrissons et leur influence sur la valeur sélective des hominidés : le cas des chimpanzés

Lead researcher : Iulia Bădescu
Funding sources: FRQNT/Fonds de recherche du Québec - Nature et technologies (FQRNT)
Grant programs: PVXXXXXX-(NC) Établissement de la relève professorale
2017 - 2020

Infant feeding and nutritional development correlates of fitness components in wild chimpanzees

Lead researcher : Iulia Bădescu
Funding sources: The Leakey Foundation
Grant programs:


Publications and presentations


Journal Articles

Anderson KA, Teichroeb JA, Ramsay MS, Badescu I, López-Torres S, Gibb JK. Revise and resubmit. Same-sex sexual behavior among mammals is widely observed, yet seldomly reported: Evidence from an online expert survey. PLOS ONE

Badescu I, Curteanu C, Sellen DW, Watts DP, and Katzenberg MA (2023) Investigating infant feeding development in wild chimpanzees using keratin stable isotopes of naturally shed hair. Invited paper to special issue “From Molecules to Metapopulations: Global Research led by Primatologists in Canada” (edited by Teichroeb JA, Melin A) in American Journal of Primatology e23552

Guillarme A, Badescu I and Bolt LM (In press) L'utilisation de la queue préhensile durant les interactions sociales chez les singes hurleurs à manteau (Alouatta palliata). AnthropoCité

Badescu I, Watts DP, Katzenberg MA, Sellen DW (2022) Maternal lactational investment is higher for sons in chimpanzees. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology. 76:44

Stead SM, Badescu I, Boonstra R (2022) Of mammals and milk: how maternal stress affects nursing offspring. Mammal Review. 52:129-147

Stead SM, Badescu I, Raboin DL, Sicotte P, Rothman JM, Baden AL, Teichroeb JA (2021). High levels of infant handling by adult males in Rwenzori Angolan colobus (Colobus angolensis ruwenzorii) compared to two closely related species, C. guereza and C. vellerosus. Primates. 62:637-646

Badescu I, Sicotte P, Sandel AA, Desruelle KJ, Curteanu C, Watts DP and Sellen DW. (2020). Premasticated food transfer by wild chimpanzee mothers with their infants: Effects of maternal parity, infant age and sex, and food properties. Journal of Human Evolution. 143: 102794. 

Badescu I, Katzenberg MA, Watts D, Sellen D. (2017). A novel fecal stable isotope approach to determine the timing of age-related feeding transitions in wild infant chimpanzees. American Journal of Physical Anthropology. 162: 285-299.

Badescu I, Watts D, Katzenberg MA, Sellen D. (2016). Alloparenting is associated with reduced maternal lactation effort and faster weaning in wild chimpanzees. Royal Society Open Science. 3(160577).

Badescu I, Wikberg EC, Macdonald LJ, Fox SA, Vayro JV, Crotty A, Sicotte P. (2016). Infanticide pressure accelerates infant development in a wild primate. Animal Behaviour. 114: 231-239.

Badescu I, Sicotte P, Ting N, Wikberg EC. (2015). Female parity, maternal kinship, infant age and sex influence natal attraction and infant handling in a wild colobine (Colobus vellerosus). American Journal of Primatology. 76: 376-387.

Sicotte P, Teichroeb JA, Vayro JV, Fox SA, Badescu I, Wikberg EC. (2015). The influence of male takeovers on female dispersal in Colobus vellerosus. American Journal of Primatology. 79

Wikberg EC, Teichroeb JA, Badescu I, Sicotte P. (2013). Individualistic female dominance hierarchies with varying strength in a highly folivorous population of black-and-white colobus. Behaviour. 150: 295-320.

Teichroeb JA, Wikberg EC, Badescu I, Macdonald LJ, Sicotte P. (2012). Infanticide risk and male quality influence optimal group composition for Colobus vellerosus. Behavioral Ecology. 23(6): 1348-1359.

Book Chapters

Badescu I and Larrivaz M (In press) Jane Goodall : de jeune naturaliste à activiste écologiste engagée. In: Portraits de femmes et d'hommes remarquables. pp 00. Durocher R (ed.). Éditions JFD, Montréal, Canada

Stead S, Mucha S and Badescu I. (2020) Alloparental Care. Encyclopedia of Animal Cognition and Behavior. : 1-7. Springer International Publishing (Cham), Editors: J. Vonk & T. Shackelford.

Badescu D, Roman H, Badescu I. (2019) Southern Carpathians: Pârgavului Cave. Ponta GM, Onac BP. Cave and Karst Systems of Romania. : 143-148. Published, Springer, Cham, Switzerland.

Badescu I. (2018) The attainment of independence from the mother in primates and its implications for the evolution of cooperative breeding in hominins. Luef E, Marin M. The talking species: Perspectives on the evolutionary, neuronal, and cultural foundations of language. : 165-191. Uni-Press Verlag, Graz, Austria.


  • Biological anthropology
  • Biology and Related Sciences
  • Anthropology

Areas of expertise

  • Primatology
  • Biological anthropology
  • Infants
  • Weaning
  • Infant care
  • Infant development
  • Infant nutrition
  • Nursing
  • Lactation
  • Stable isotopes
  • Chimpanzees
  • Monkeys
  • Africa
  • Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Ghana
  • Uganda
  • Behavioural primatology