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Chaire en gouvernance et droit des affaires

Chaire de recherche contractuelle Faculté de droit
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At Université de Montreal


Expertise description

The Chair in Governance and Business Law was created in 2005 to develop the Faculty of Law’s capacities for research and training in the field of business law.

The Chair’s objectives are to:

  • Study how existing laws adapt to provide a framework for commercial activities
  • Study issues relating to business law and international commerce, and propose solutions that can effectively respond to these problems
  • Provide training for jurists and researchers on the front line, making them better able to face competition and become leaders in their fields
  • Share knowledge and foster cooperation between domains with leading figures in business law and international commerce

The Chair embraces the following values:

  • Scientific rigour: Maintain the high quality standards that are de rigueur for university research, notably for debates, exchanges and testing hypotheses using scientific methods, both qualitative and quantitative
  • Pertinence: Undertake related projects and activities in both the university and professional communities, in order to contribute to discussions and debates
  • Independence: Lead research projects and activities without bias, and with integrity and intellectual transparency
  • Pragmatism: Leverage research and training activities to provide solutions to the challenges faced by professionals and business people

Ultimately, the Chair seeks to offer a forum for discussion and research that will improve the quality of business law.

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