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The Université de Montréal (including its affiliated schools) is the 3rd most active canadian university in terms of research and among the 100 largest public research universities in the world, with more than $500 million in research funding. Find out more about research at Université de Montréal.

The creation or modification of a profile (professor or research unit) is done through the Management Interface (in French only). The Management Interface makes it possible to enter or modify the data with forms, developed by the Center of Digital Expertise for Research (Centre d’expertise numérique pour la recherche). In summary, it allows the collection of relevant information concerning professors, lecturersor research officers, as well as those concerning research units and chairs.


Create / Update the profile of your Research Unit (in French)


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Hervé A., Prince Professeur agrégé

Gérard, Beaudet Professeur titulaire

Paula, Negron-Poblete Vice-doyenne

Paula, Negron-Poblete Secrétaire de faculté

Paula, Negron-Poblete Professeure agrégée

Patrick, Drouin Professeur titulaire

François, Lareau Professeur agrégé

Stéphane, Beaulac Professeur titulaire

Pierre, Noreau Professeur titulaire

René, Doyon Professeur titulaire

Michel, Duchesneau Professeur titulaire

Serge, Lacasse

Stéphane, Beaulac Professeur titulaire

Frédéric, Bérard Chargé de cours

Frédéric, Bérard Chargé de cours

Gonzalo, Lizarralde Professeur titulaire

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